Zunicore will launch its GPU hybrid cloud in July

Cloud Firm Zunicore Plans GPU Hybrid Cloud Solution

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Cloud computing provider Zunicore announced at Internet World on Wednesday that it is developing a GPU hybrid cloud solution for customers to deploy physical hardware seamlessly alongside virtual servers via secured network hardware.

This news comes a week after web host SoftLayer launched its high-performance computing cloud-enabled solution with servers powered by NVIDIA’s graphics processing units.

Zunicore’s new cloud service, now in beta, will be officially launched in July, according to a report by CloudPro.

The physical GPU servers will provide a high-performance, flexible and cost-effective solution, and users can provision the GPUs in less than 15 minutes.

Zunicore’s GPU hybrid cloud users will be billed on-demand, and charged hourly or monthly.

“Businesses with intense graphics processing requirements should be able to enjoy the best of what virtualization and physical hardware can offer over seamless secured networks,” Greg Rusu, general manager of Zunicore said in a statement. “With Zunicore’s hybrid solution we are fully focused on maximizing performance while keeping down costs.”

The physical servers have Dual Xeon CPUS, 32MB RAM minimum, 400GB local storage, 10GB public and private network, and 10GB+ interconnect, according to the press release.

This announcement comes a month after Zunicore announced that it has registered 3,7000 businesses in four months since PEER 1 launched the cloud division in November 2011.

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