Cloud Cruiser Launches App for Hybrid Cloud Usage Management

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Cloud Cruiser launched a new application on Monday to address the need for organizations running hybrid clouds to quickly and easily track and analyze usage, the company announced this week. CloudSmart-Now is packaged offering designed to give businesses of all sizes a single pane view of their total consumption of “Big 5” cloud services.

The solution provides out-of-the-box, pre-configured templates with built-in workflow to collect usage and cost data from AWS, Azure, Windows Azure Pack, VMware and OpenStack. It was designed and built from the ground up to give insights from specific users across a broad set of hybrid clouds. Accurate, real-time reports identify IT waste, compare costs, and forecast future demand, all in one application, the company said.

“Hybrid cloud is simply a reality for most businesses. The single biggest area of improvement continues to be around efficiencies and reducing costs,” Fraser McKay, VP Products, Cloud Cruiser said in a statement. “We love the promise of low-cost cloud but it’s not unlimited and unless you track and measure, sprawl and anarchy quickly creep in. Our customers stay ahead and better forecast to meet business demands. We directly address this problem with a single solution to manage all hybrid cloud environments.”

Organizations can get CloudSmart-Now up and running in five days with four easy steps, Cloud Cruiser says, with pre-configured collectors, built-in data mapping to the business structure, report templates, and an automated workflow.

A survey released by Cloud Cruiser in July showed that 27 percent of IT professionals using cloud consider their tracking “poor” or even “horrible,” providing a ready market. Enterprise Cloud Cruiser 4 was released last October.

As cloud use matures, tracking and analytics become more of an organizational focus, and products like CloudSmart-Now, the CloudFlare analytics section of its Partner Portal for web hosts launched in July, and the new ecommerce monitoring solution from New Relic and Magento provide market segments with tailored options.

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