Joyent has launched its European cloud in Amsterdam

Cloud Computing Provider Joyent Launches European Cloud in Amsterdam

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Cloud computing provider Joyent announced on Thursday that it has launched Joyent Cloud Europe, an extension of its US-based cloud to provide infrastructure-as-a-service in Europe.

Based in Amsterdam, the European location was driven by demand by customers in North America that are expanding into Europe. Joyent says its existing customers need the same level of real-time performance, reliability and cloud analytics they receive from Joyent in the US, and its Amsterdam location will provide Europe-based business with access to Joyent Cloud.

This news comes a couple of months after Joyent announced that its Cloud API and management infrastructure has been integrated into the enStratus cloud management platform.

On Wednesday, web hosting provider SiteGround launched its first European location in Amsterdam. With 40 percent of customers coming from outside of the US, SiteGround says the majority of foreign customers hail from Europe.

Internet service providers and web hosts can offer public clouds based on Joyent’s infrastrucutre, and benefit from cloud analytics so customers can identify and fix problems in their infrastructure before having to use support resources.

Recently, Joyent announced its plans to expand its public cloud to facilities in Tokyo and Singapore to meet growing cloud demand in Asia.

“Many of our Joyent Cloud customers have experienced significant growth based on the superior user experience and performance we deliver on Joyent Cloud,” Steve Tuck, executive vice president and general manager of Joyent Cloud, Joyent’s public cloud line of business said in a statement. “As they expand into Europe they want the same level of real-time computing performance as in the U.S. to ensure that their European user base gets only the best. At the same time, our European public cloud will give European businesses’ customers the opportunity to deliver a higher-quality experience to their end-users.”

According to the press release, Joyent’s SmartDataCenter, the cloud infrastructure platform that has powered the Joyent Cloud business in the US for seven years, includes the SmartOS operating system optimized by Joyent. It includes highly efficient use of hardware through operating system virtualization, double-hulled security, and Node.js.

“We look forward to working with Joyent to provide customers in Europe with the same cloud management capabilities that we deliver together in the US,” David Bagley, CEO of enStratus, Joyent partner and provider of cloud infrastructure automation and management solutions said in a statement.

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