Launches Open Source Platform CloudStack 2.2

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Cloud hosting provider ( announced on Tuesday it has launched CloudStack 2.2, the latest version of its open source cloud computing platform. first launched CloudStack in spring of 2010. The open source software solution accelerates the deployment, management and configuration of highly-scalable public and private infrastructure as a service clouds.

Using CloudStack, data center operators can quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure to offer on-demand, elastic cloud services.

Now available for download, CloudStack 2.2 offers many benefits for data center operators.

Hypervisor independence provides support for VMware vSphere 4, Citrix XenServer 5.6 and the open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine running simultaneously in a single cloud.

Advanced networking features such as embedded software-based network management as well as VLAN and Direct Attach IP allow administrators to integrate with a virtual or physical network architecture that best fits their needs.

CloudStack 2.2 has the ability to manage multiple availability zones geographically dispersed from a single command and control console, allowing enterprises to expand globally while managing locally. 

CloudStack has also improved its user interface to an intuitive AJAX-enabled web interface, simplifying usability for administrators.

The role-based delegation at multiple administrator levels gives self-service flexibility and agility while maintaining control over corporate policies and spending.

The new version also introduces CloudBridge, which lets applications to interoperate with other cloud solutions including Amazon EC2 and S3 APIs as well as the upcoming OpenStack API.

Tight integration with cloud management partners like RightScale helps customers manage multi-cloud, hybrid platforms that span from the private data center to the public cloud.

CloudStack 2.2 has over 100 new features, which can all be viewed on’s website, to increase usability, capabilities and enhance performance.

“Deploying an on-premise, private cloud gives end users the flexibility they demand around IT services while offering the potential for far greater utilization within the data center,” says CEO Sheng Liang. “With the advancements around usability, scalability and management, CloudStack 2.2 offers enterprises the fastest path to successfully deploying and managing their own infrastructure cloud. We continue to benefit from the feedback of our successful large-scale deployment customers and the open source community to further enhance our solution.”

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