Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Firm Zenedge Raises $3.5M

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Cloud-based cybersecurity startup Zenedge has secured $3.5 million in Series A funding, the company announced Thursday. The company also emerged from stealth mode and revealed hiring plans.

Funding was provided by Needham & Company Chairman Andrew Malik, Fred Sorkin, and Yehuda Neuberger. Zenedge will use it to add more sales personnel to the staff of 15.

Zenedge founder and CEO Leon Kuperman served as CTO at and other companies, during which time he became familiar with the practical concerns of attack defense through unfortunate experience. lost $1.2 million in revenue from a single attack during Kuperman’s time as CTO.

He is also a startup veteran, having founded LegalKey Technologies Inc., Viewdle and the Frayman Group, all of which have since been acquired by established companies.

Zenedge defends against DDoS attacks, SQL injections, malware, and 35,000 vulnerabilities, including Heartbleed and Shellshock.

“The Zenedge platform was specifically created to give businesses granular control of their web application security through a Platform-as-a-Service that is highly scalable and fast to implement,” said Kuperman in Zenedge’s introductory blog post. “We do this by having a global network of servers that act as a shield (what we call Zenshield) to protect against cyber-attacks on websites and mobile apps. Zenshield is a plug-and-play platform that can be used in conjunction with a company’s existing CDN offering or as a standalone CDN, without compromising the speed and performance of your web applications.”

Cybersecurity has taken a prominent position in the business news cycle recently, between the massive JP Morgan hack and the ongoing stories of Heartbleed and Shellshock-related breaches.

Against this backdrop startups in the field are being encouraged by an accelerator program in Virginia, and by a joint venture between Microsoft, Akamai, and Jerusalem Venture Partners in Israel.

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