Citrix has submitted its open source cloud platform CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation

Citrix Contributes Open Source Cloud Platform CloudStack to Apache Software Foundation

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Cloud technology provider Citrix announced on Tuesday that it has submitted its open source cloud platform CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation. CloudStack will be a full open source Apache project, and brings to Apache more than 30,000 community members, according to the press release.

Citrix bought last year for more than $200 million. The move allowed Citrix to further develop its cloud strategy past OpenStack (it is a founding member), and strengthen its position as a VMware alternative.

The announcement brought mixed reactions from analysts and cloud pundits on Tuesday, raising questions about how the move will impact open source cloud project OpenStack, and how CloudStack’s ties with AWS compare to the AWS-Eucalyptus relationship, since the two partnered last week.

As an Apache project, CloudStack will be placed next to other projects like HTTP Server, Cassandra and Hadoop. Since Apache has a strong open source community, and several successful projects under its belt, it could be a positive step for CloudStack.

As part of the announcement, Citrix announced that CloudStack would embrace AWS APIs. This move was called short-sighted by Krish Subramanian, principal analyst and CEO of Rishidot Research. He thinks that since we are still in the early stages of cloud evolution, standardizing around AWS API will inhibit innovation.

Still, others think the relationship with AWS could have been deeper given Eucalyptus’ recent announcement, according to a blog post on the Loose Couple. Since the Eucalyptus agreement is non-exclusive,  there is still room for a tighter partnership between AWS and CloudStack, according to GigaOm. The numerous quotes in the Citrix press release seem to hail the Amazon compatibility as a winning feature.

GigaOm says that Citrix still supports OpenStack, but it didn’t want to wait two years for the technical maturation process to happen in order to integrate CloudStack and OpenStack – its original plan. There is also a difference between OpenStack and CloudStack in their API views: OpenStack is pushing its own API, while CloudStack saw AWS API as the standard.

Talk back: How do you think Apache will impact CloudStack? Do  you see this announcement as Citrix pushing OpenStack away? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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