Cirrus Tech Offers Expanded Support with All VPS Hosting Plans

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Canadian web hosting provider Cirrus Tech announced on Wednesday it is now offering expanded support with its Linux and Windows virtual private server plans.

The move comes three months after Cirrus Tech launched a private cloud hosting platform.

The expanded support includes assistance with configuration of common server applications and the installation of security patches.

Existing customers will now receive managed support with any of the Cirrus VPS hosting package that they are currently using.

Meanwhile, new customers can sign up for a VPS plan and immediately receive free migration assistance now offered as part of the new fully managed services.

Cirrus VPS hosting users can now access management support for both Windows and Linux virtual private server packages.

The Cirrus support team will help with any issue that arises, including technical issues that stem from Plesk or Cpanel functionalities.

With Cirrus’ fully managed VPS in Canada, customers can also access detailed instructions on email, FTP, SFTP, Remote Desktop and SSH client configuration for any office or personal computer.

The Cirrus support team will instruct users on how to install and configure commonly used server applications, such as SQL, MySQL, PHP, Perl, .NET, Apache, and IIS.

“We are really excited about making managed support available to all Cirrus VPS users,” said Cirrus Tech CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “It makes our VPS plans all inclusive covering everything a business might need in getting themselves set up. We understand that not all business have the technical expertise or the internal resources to effectively manage their VPS hosting set-up. Which is why we decided that we wanted the Cirrus environment to be fully supported. Any user that is either currently using or wants to migrate to our VPS can feel confident knowing they are fully covered.”

Cirrus’ managed VPS plans include commercial versions of virtualization platforms, including Parallels Virtuozzo and Parallels Cloud Server.

All VPS plans also include security and protection with a fully redundant architecture for physical servers, with all VPS and VM data being housed on two separate redundant storages, each with RAID 10.

In the event that Cirrus’ diagnostics show that the latest patches are not installed, the Cirrus support team will automatically intervene to help users with resolving the issue.

The company’s SLA of 100 percent uptime ensures that hardware replacements will be setup within minutes or in worst cases in hours, in case of any hardware failure.

Cirrus offers five Linux and five Windows VPS hosting plans starting at $15.99 per month.

In December, Cirrus Tech integrated IP telephony provider Infratel’s MightyCall platform into its ordering system.

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  1. We provide managed Linux and Windows based VPS hosting service. We take care of all the server side issues and its our responsibility to keep the nodes updated with the latest security patches and server applications. Our support team is available round the clock to provide uninterrupted support to our customers. Cirrus Tech expanded support would help the customers to focus on their own business and let Cirrus Tech handle the server side issues. Cirrus Tech would see further improvement in their VPS client base. :)