Cipher Cloud Launches Tool to Monitor Shadow IT Use

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Cloud data protection company CipherCloud launched a free solution called Cloud Discovery this week. The software reveals cloud application use within a network to company IT, so that it can accurately assess cloud use and risk within the organization.

Along with giving away the solution for free to registered enterprise customers, CipherCloud also offers up its rationale on its website, saying “Greater visibility enables organizations to standardize on a single legitimate file sharing service, while keeping your users happy.”

The need for cloud visibility has grown along with bring your own device (BYOD) and shadow IT, which a recent Cisco blog post described as likely to involve “typically 5-10 times more cloud services being used than are known by IT.”

According to an Acronis study last year, the majority of companies do not have BYOD policies.

This situation creates a lack of control and possible security risks. Enterprises with employees using their own devices and using outside cloud solutions to company problems will likely want to move forward with a centralized cloud approach. Banning applications or devices would be a poor backwards looking solution. Companies moving forward with a centralized approach will allow CipherCloud to leverage adoption by employees into enterprise adoption, and therefore market share.

CipherCloud’s solution monitors cloud apps including CRM, file sharing, finance, IT management, HR, collaboration and productivity, according to Forbes.

Security concerns are among the last remaining major barriers to cloud adoption, according to a January Internap survey. Companies discovering previously unknown internal cloud use may find they have taken on greater risk by leaving cloud adoption to employees.

Skyhigh Networks released a similar tool in February to quantify enterprises’ public cloud risk.

CipherCloud launched in 2011, and has ramped up its growth this year with the January acquisition of CloudUpNetworks and a partnership with financial backer Deutsche Telekom announced in March.


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