China Continues Microsoft Anti-Trust Investigation with New Raids

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The investigation into Microsoft’s Chinese operations continues, as an anti-trust regulator in the country has conducted new raids on the company and its partner, Accenture, this week.

According to a statement on the website for China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) Wednesday, the agency has raided offices in Beijing, Liaoning, Fugian and Hubei, in addition to an Accenture office in Dalian. Microsoft outsources financial work to Accenture, according to a report by Reuters.

The SAIC raided four Microsoft offices in China last week, connected to an anti-trust investigation into the US-based tech company.

Microsoft is not the only US-based tech firm facing challenges in China. Earlier this week China banned antivirus firms Symantec and Kaspersky Labs from the list of approved security software vendors for government agencies.

Microsoft and Accenture told Reuters that they are cooperating with the investigations.

The SAIC said that Microsoft has been suspected of violating China’s anti-monopoly law since June 2013 over issues with compatibility, bundling and document authentication for its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software, Reuters reports.

The report argues that with Microsoft’s negligible footprint in China, and with service disruptions to its OneDrive cloud storage service and Windows 8 operating system, it is unlikely that Microsoft is in violation of the Chinese anti-monopoly law. The law has targeted a wide-range of companies and industries, including, most recently, car manufacturers Audi and Chrysler, since it went into effect in 2008.

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