CenturyLink Consolidates its own Channel Partner Program with Web Host Savvis

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After just one year after it acquired cloud hosting company Savvis and Qwest Communications, telecommunications provider CenturyLink announced this week it will consolidate the Savvis Alliances Master Agent program with the CenturyLink Channel Alliance in the second quarter.

CenturyLink Channel Alliance vice president Blake Wetzel will continue to lead the newly expanded program.

The merging of the two channel partner programs should provide CenturyLink and Savvis partners with multiple benefits, including new sales opportunities, increased support, and new offerings.

The consolidation is an effort to grow and reorganize CenturyLink’s operational structure to provide “a seamless, partner-driven sales experience for the company’s business solutions”, according to Wetzel.

“We look forward to the many benefits of the expanded CenturyLink Channel Alliance. Our unified management and resources will dramatically strengthen the sales opportunities for our Alliance Members and allow us to accelerate our channel’s contributions to CenturyLink’s growth,” said Wetzel. “This is a very positive step for the CenturyLink Channel Alliance, our business partners and most important, our customers.”

CenturyLink is considered the third largest telecommunications company in the United States, following its acquisitions last April of teleco Qwest and Savvis.

Since the acquisition, Savvis has continued to expand its cloud storage services on a global level, and recently launched its private cloud solution and managed services in Hong Kong.

CenturyLink and Savvis previously operated their channel programs as individual entities. Though the press release does not disclose the exact details about the consolidation, CenturyLink said it will provide channel partners with more information on transitional activities, changes to sales processes and any impacts to existing business customer partner accounts.

Talk Back: As a Savvis partner, do you think this consolidation will introduce future sales opportunities and improved support? Do you see any potential drawbacks to the consolidation? Let us know in the comments.

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