Carpathia Forms Federal Advisory Council to Improve Government Cloud Solutions

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A group of former government leaders have come together to form a Federal Advisory Council (FAC) for cloud provider Carpathia. The Carpathia FAC will provide guidance on federal trends and develop strategies for leveraging Carpathia’s cloud operator platform to maximize its benefit to government organizations.

The public sector experience of council members gives them insight into the specific technology challenges dealt with by the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, the Interior, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Secret Service and others.

Founding Carpathia FAC members also bring leadership experience in federal contracting, and will help strengthen partnerships with systems integrators to deliver secure, compliant, cost-effective cloud solutions to the US government.

“We are pleased to assemble an all-star team of federal experts as we work together to guide agencies on how to maximize their cloud infrastructure investments,” Stu Fleagle, Vice President, Carpathia Government Solutions said. “These leaders bring a wealth of experience on the complex security and compliance challenges facing specific federal agencies, and their insight will be invaluable as we continue to customize Carpathia cloud solutions to meet these needs.”

A survey late in 2013 showed that US federal agencies are adopting cloud services at an increasing rate, and persistent security concerns represent both one of the greatest hurdles for service providers and also an area of looming budget growth.

A MeriTalk study recently suggested huge potential savings from effective implementation of platform-as-a-service, giving Carpathia a good argument for the cost-effectiveness of its government services.

Carpathia is not FedRAMP approved, which may block the company from some large federal contracts, but the FAC may also be a step towards winning that approval. FedRAMP approval has thus far been granted mostly to very large cloud providers like IBM, which obtained approval for its SmartCloud for Government in November.

Carpathia’s beltway connections include membership in the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee.

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