Caringo Extends Storage Software to Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Software-defined object storage Caringo has released a Microsoft Azure-compatible version of its Swarm storage software which allows for continuous data access and analysis of hundreds of petabytes of data.

Caringo Swarm decouples data from applications and hardware. Once on Swarm, files can be combined and protected in a searchable pool for continued use and complex analysis, as well as applying policies important for organizations subject to strict regulations.

Microsoft already has object storage, but Caringo Swarm on Azure provides more capabilities particularly around compliance, according to a blog post from Caringo’s VP of Product, Tony Barbagallo, He wrote, “These capabilities include WORM, Lifepoints to control when an object can be deleted, and chain-of-custody tracking and reporting.”

He also added that FileFly for Swarm provides a secondary cloud-based storage environment that archives files on local Windows and NetApp servers based on a specified policy. Files may be archived onto cloud storage based on factors such as time last accessed, owner, and file type.

Swarm was already compatible with Amazon S3 storage. The new Azure capabilities means software vendors and organizations using Amazon S3 can move to Microsoft Azure seamlessly – giving them more hosting options.

Caringo Swarm is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and Caringo is offering a limited-time free trial of up to 32TBs of Swarm storage for Microsoft Azure users.

With the rapid growth of data, object storage has become a major area of innovation. Last year, Liquid Web launched a similarly named cloud storage solution for high volume data storage, Storm Object Storage. In 2013, Verizon even built an object storage service in-house for its cloud services division, and Tier 3 launched a similar cloud object storage with automated data center redundancy across its global data centers.

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