Canopy Launches Enterprise PaaS Offering Based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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Canopy, the cloud services line of Atos, has introduced Canopy Cloud Fabric, a managed Platform-as-a-Service based on the Pivotal CF distribution of the Cloud Foundry open-source PaaS.

According to the announcement this week, the Canopy Cloud Fabric solution will provide a highly available, turnkey PaaS solution combined with a comprehensive range of consulting, customization and developer services to support enterprise adoption of PaaS.

Canopy Cloud Fabric also provides customers a choice of global locations to meet data locality and sovereignty requirements, and allows for different hosting arrangements such as self-hosted private clouds. Canopy also provides consulting, customisation and developer services to customise the solution to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Providing a way to pool traditional data center hardware into PaaS clouds, Cloud Foundry is a convenient starting point for service providers that can be forked to build custom “buildpacks” for specific purposes and to interact with non-standard software.

Canopy began in 2012 as and is the product of an alliance between EMC Corporation and VMware.

Canopy Cloud Fabric, according to Canopy, is the second instalment of its “cloud platform for digital business” strategy designed to help organizations become adaptive digital enterprises that deliver customers new and better digital experiences faster than competitors.

The first installment of this strategy was announced in May, and comprised a new version of Canopy Compose which enabled IT departments to create cloud services from existing applications, and publish them to a self-service portal for automated deployment, and to otherwise act as a cloud service broker to their business.

The Canopy Cloud Fabric is available as a free preview to organizations that apply for the Early Adopter Program and qualify.

Canopy also announced it is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation as one of the 16 companies this week that have signed applications to join as Silver level members. Earlier this year, Pivotal, the company behind Cloud Foundry, announced a new open governance model for Cloud Foundry and welcomed new members EMC, VMware, IBM, HP, SAP and Rackspace.

“We’re operating in one of the most disruptive eras of IT in the last 25 years – an era of Digital Darwinism where companies will be made or broken by their ability to adapt quickly to meet changing digital demands,” Canopy SVP of PaaS Darren Ratcliffe said in a statement. “We are excited about joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation and helping organizations unlock the value of PaaS through Canopy Cloud Fabric powered by Pivotal Cloud Foundry.”

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