Canadian Telecommunications Firm Telus Launches Virtual Private Cloud Services

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Canadian telecommunications provider TELUS announced last week it has launch of the TELUS AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud, a service that enables businesses to take full control of their cloud environment.

With the cloud hosting market in Canada being relatively small, web hosting companies have a huge opportunity to sell on-premise cloud services to Canadian companies and government organizations so they can adhere to Canadian data governance regulations.

Canadian Web Hosting and CSC have both recently expanded their individual cloud hosting services in Canada.

TELUS’ Virtual Private Cloud service is the first of TELUS’ AgilIT cloud offerings. Unlike other cloud infrastructure services, the service provides organizations of all sizes access to computing resources on-demand with a full-featured portal that enables 24-hour remote access to view and manage their cloud.

“TELUS has taken a quality-based approach to cloud computing by providing customers with secured, guaranteed capacity of computing power while maintaining the flexibility to create, change or suspend their computing jobs as required through a centralized view of their cloud infrastructure,” said Tony Krueck, vice president of business products and services at TELUS. “This allows businesses to respond with greater agility to market demands, develop new applications faster, and contain IT costs by subscribing to computing capacity only as needed.”

With TELUS AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud, organizations can migrate to the cloud without any complications. The service offers the flexible, scalable, enterprise-class infrastructure businesses of any size need to succeed without the capital and maintenance expenses of building and supporting excessive IT infrastructure in-house.

IT managers are in control of the scale and cost of the resources used, yet gain the flexibility to instantly adjust up or down as needed.

Since TELUS takes care of managing the infrastructure, internal IT staff is relieved from many of the burdens of day-to-day management, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks such as business innovation, applications and end-user productivity.

The cloud service are based on commercial grade hardware and software technologies from leading providers including AMD, NetApp, VMware, and Xsigo.

TELUS chose these platforms after extensive evaluation and integration efforts to ensure the service delivers the security, performance, scalability and reliability required by businesses and organizations to implement the cloud with confidence while retaining the applications and data within Canada.

TELUS’ new $65 million Tier III data center in Rimouski, Quebec will help power the new cloud services. With a PUE of 1.15, the data center is the company’s first facility built to LEED Gold Standards.

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  1. tech_geek

    Interesting info... Does anyone know about dinCloud? I have heard alot about this company. They are also Xsigo and NetApp partners.