BurstNET Informs Colocation Customers of Higher Prices, Location Change


Some BurstNET colocation customers were sent an email this week notifying them that their racks and servers would be relocated to BurstNET’s North Carolina data center, and that starting in their next billing cycle, fees would be increased to account for the rising cost of electricity.

According to the email posted online by several customers, fees now range from $99 per month for a single server to $899 per month for a full rack.

The email notes some of the reasons for the price change: “Over the years the cost for electric has consistently gone up, as well as many other expenses surrounding the COLO business. We, up until now, have been absorbing the cost spikes. Also, BurstNET is one of the only providers that does not require a 36 month contract and does not charge the average $399.00 set up fees.”

BurstNET also mentions investment in the business and preparation for growth as reasons for the changes.

In a phone call with BurstNET’s Keith Vannan, he notes that all its infrastructure from Dunmore, Pa., to North Carolina in an effort to provide customers more reliability, connectivity, and redundancy that wasn’t possible in Pennsylvania.

“Everything we have out of Dunmore is being moved to the new facility out in North Carolina,” he said, noting that dedicated servers, and VPS will be moving this weekend and colocation will be the last to make the move. “It’s really not cost-effective to have a data center in north-east PA between the rate hikes in Pennsylvania in the past 3 or 4 months, plus the additional cost of bandwidth…it’s a lot more than down there.”

He said that most customers understand now that the changes will lead to better service, and the price increase reflects a reasonable increase due to costs associated with providing the service. “If you take the price increase we have, we’re still cheaper than pretty much everyone out there anyways,” he said.

Servers will be moved March 30, 2014 with an expected downtime from 9pm ET March 30 until March 31 at 9am.

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  1. This is the worst company I have ever used in last 20 years. My VPS is down, noone reply to tickets. Today their phone lines are even not "on service". Crazy! I will cancel my services including VPS and dedicated servers ASAP. This company is a JOKE!

    • mike

      im having the same issues does anyone know how I can get my info and all back.Im losing business by the day and cant get any type of response from anyone and when I do im told its problem they can't fix without charging me $65 an hr which isn't an issue if they'd just get me back up and running

  2. We just signed up with Colocation America and could not be happier.

  3. Amir

    I'm finally making a switch. After having latency issues and trouble getting service, this is the nail in the coffin. Im going to check out rackspace and NYI (apparently they have a migration assist service). Any feedback on either.

  4. Barb

    Our server is still down. We are unable to contact anyone. Anyone have a number?

  5. I have a buddy who hires 3 servers from Burst.net that runs a small budget hosting provider, they was down for almost a week. When they did come back online, he lost around 40% of his clients, his existing clients was not happy, rightly so! Lot`s of the websites including the main hosting provider domain lost search rankings in Google too. To top it off his tickets went unanswered for days and when they was answered, the response was some generic BS. It`s a absolute joke how they can get away with this! I will for one never again use a server from Burst/DigiPlus, is that`s how they treat their clients

  6. B F

    This is absolutely insane. No phones, no news, no address to recover my hardware etc. I am close to filing a criminal complaint today. For all I know they are long gone with my gear.

  7. Does anyone know the exact address in North Carolina to which Burst is moving? My company data is on one of the servers being moved and there seems to be no way of contacting Burst as of now. Everything that I have read says that the expected completion of the server migration should have been at 9 AM Eastern time, but it is not complete as of now - 3 PM. Cannot contact Burst by phone, trouble ticket, or e-mail.

  8. Gabriel

    This is what, their third half baked relocation for customers in as many months? The location in PA that they're closing is the same one they just moved everyone into.

    • Down three days, totally unprofessional, unacceptable, and bordering on fraud.