Bracket Computing Raises $85M for Cloud Infrastructure Service

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Bracket Computing announced on Wednesday that it has launched its enterprise cloud infrastructure service, Bracket Computing Cell.

The company, which was founded in Sunnyvale, Calif. in 2011, has raised more than $85 million to develop its service, which brings security, storage, compute and networking together in an encrypted software system. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Norwest Venture Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, ARTIS Ventures, Allegis Capital, GE and Qualcomm.

Bracket said that its customers can secure their applications and data in the Computing Cell, benefiting from the performance of a private data center with the elasticity of a public cloud.

According to Bracket, it worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to develop its technology in order to ensure that it met the computing requirements of enterprises. The enterprise cloud opportunity is a big one, with top industry players combining efforts to serve the growing market. This week, IBM and Microsoft partnered to offer hybrid cloud solutions for the enterprise.

Bracket said that the cloud virtualization of Bracket Computing Cell allows applications, data and infrastructure to reside in a single software system. It has patented the virtualization technology in its Computing Cell, creating a virtualization layer that allows the cell to span multiple public clouds, according to the announcement.

“Imagine if you could put an enterprise’s existing data center applications, data and associated computing infrastructure in a Computing Cell and move them out almost magically across multiple public clouds,” Bracket CEO and co-founder Tom Gillis said. “The workload doesn’t know whether it’s running on premises or on a public cloud. It just works.”

With security, storage and virtualization built as a single architecture, Bracket said it is able to offer superior service levels.

“We trace our technical roots from the greatest systems technology companies in the world,” said Jason Lango, CTO and co-founder of Bracket Computing. “That’s why we have been able to design and deliver such complex technology — enterprise security, storage, compute and networking — together in an architecture optimized for hyperscale clouds. Our unique systems approach, using the effectively infinite resources of the public cloud, will define the future of enterprise computing.”

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  1. I don't know how it's going to fully operate in terms of the "security, storage and virtualization built as a single architecture". But I guess it sounds pretty solid and worth the money! :) Very nice.