Box Brings Localized Cloud Storage to Australia, Canada

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With nearly half of all activity on Box happening outside of the U.S., the cloud storage company has launched new Box Zones in Australia and Canada to support regional data storage.

In addition to new Box Zones, Box announced on Wednesday enhancements to its Box Accelerator technology that speeds global performance and promises two to six times faster upload times.

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“With the new Accelerator upgrades Box is now an average of five times faster in Japan, four times faster in Australia, and three times faster in the UK,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said in a blog post about the service that is automatically turned on for its paid customers.

The initial launch of Box Zones was in Europe and Asia, using Amazon Web Services. Box Zones will support Australia in the fall and Canada later this year. Box announced its partnerships with AWS and IBM Cloud to launch Box Zones in Asia and Europe this April.

“As business becomes more global and connected, our goal is to ensure that secure collaboration with coworkers, partners and customers across boundaries is as seamless and fast as possible,” Levie said in a statement. “In fewer than three months, we’ve added two new locations to Box Zones and delivered a faster, more reliable experience to our customers with the new Box Accelerator. As regulations and compliance become more complex, we’re focused on making it simple for our customers to do epic work and accelerate growth across the globe.”

Localized data storage can help organizations comply with country-specific regulations around data storage. Box said it now supports compliance with ISO 27018 in addition to its current support for compliance with ISO 27001.

“The variation in regional and country data privacy laws makes it critical for cloud service providers to support local data storage. Customers want to know where their data is stored, and in many cases they want it stored close to them,” Duncan Brown, Research Director, IDC, said in a statement. “Expanding Box Zones to customers in Australia and Canada makes sense. These countries have advanced data protection laws, and Box Zones allows these customers to choose where their data is stored, whether for compliance or operational reasons.”

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