BaseKit Opens Platform to Developers, Adds Capabilities

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BaseKit has opened its Editor 7 site builder to web developers and released blog and e-commerce capabilities, the company announced Wednesday. The set of moves is designed to increase BaseKit`s flexibility so that hosting partners can create offerings which appeal to their small business customers.

By opening it to developers, BaseKit intends for its partners to edit the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design templates targeted at meeting their customers` specific needs. The move has been foreshadowed several times.

An Editor 7 FAQ posted in August referred to a “future release“ in which code could be edited to make templates. In February BaseKit announced a $7.3 million funding round, saying it would be used for development, and that it would pursue partnerships this year. BaseKit says it used $3 million of expansion capital to open its platform.

The focus on partnerships with hosting companies continued to ramp up when the company announced in March that Thomas Vollrath was joining its board of directors.

Providing general web services “end-to-end“ to SMBs is a popular approach to gaining and holding their business, as shown by 1&1 following Godaddy and others into optimized WordPress hosting this week. By opening the platform, BaseKit hopes hosts will be able to tailor it to do just that.

“With an open platform, our partners within the hosting industry are better able to serve their customers needs,“ BaseKit CEO Juan Lobato noted. “Offering new features such as Blog and eCommerce, will also provide them with the right tools to retain customers, increase revenue, and become the go-to place for customers to visit as they seek to grow their business online.”

BaseKit has also opened a forum for web professionals to encourage new website designs.

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