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AWS Uses Free Beer to Lure Developers to Pop-Up Loft

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With the market for developers getting more and more competitive, companies continually try unique ways to lure developers and Amazon is no exception. Amazon announced Friday that it will reopen it’s pop-up loft in San Francisco.

The loft was launched as a pilot program earlier this year in an effort to offer developers a casual, relaxed way to learn more about AWS. The space was open for four weeks in June as a test. The loft accommodates 400 people at a time and the original was stocked with M&Ms, cappuccino and beer.

With companies such as Datapipe, Tenzing, Eucalyptus and others customizing their services based on AWS architecture it’s important to keep developers up to speed on the latest product developments as well as possible uses and integration of AWS.

The lab offered technical training, presentations and special events. Based on attendee feedback, Amazon refined the space and programs. Planned educational opportunities include meeting one on one with an AWS technical expert, AWS product sessions, hands on technical bootcamps, hands on labs and special events including networking with startups.

The lab is a great way for developers in the San Francisco area to learn more about the quickly evolving AWS features and have the ability to ask questions of technical experts. There is also a national event sponsored by AWS, re:Invent, to serve a wider geographical area with the same types of opportunities.

More money is always a great way to attract developers. However tech firms are using other unusual job perks as well. Free beer seems to be a popular lure. A Business Insider article gave some great examples of creative benefits such as a full-year supply of Counter Culture Coffee, a local gym membership, an iPad 2 (for prototyping), an Iron Man 2 Deluxe Helmet, an unlimited supply of beer, a fixed gear bicycle and a cow, unlimited vacation, lunch and dinner daily and unlimited limo rides.

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