AWS Recovers After Cloud Downtime Hits Sydney

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Amazon Web Services customers in Australia suffered some cloud downtime on Sunday, where nasty weather ravaged Sydney, knocking out power for more than 85,000 homes and businesses.

While many seem to suspect the weather is to blame for the AWS cloud downtime in its Sydney region, the company has not confirmed whether that is the case. The issues were resolved on Monday morning.

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AWS said a significant number of EC2 instances and EBS volumes within its Sydney region were impacted by connectivity issues.

While many cloud outages fly under the radar, because of the size and scope of AWS and its high-profile clients, AWS outages – regardless of length – can have a big impact. Last year, an AWS outage in North Virginia impacted the services of Heroku and Netflix.

A number of businesses in Australia were impacted by the AWS outage, including Domino’s Pizza, and TV streaming services Foxtel Play and Stan.

All AWS services in Australia were operating as normal on Monday, including Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon EC2 Container Service.

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