AWS Most Popular Host Among Alexa’s Top 100,000 Websites: Infographic

2 comments, makers of a free tool that allows people to find out where websites are hosted, released an infographic over the weekend that looks at the most popular hosting companies and locations.

Using data from Alexa, ranked the top 15 most popular hosting companies, as well as the top hosting locations by country and city.

According to, Amazon Web Services hosts the most websites of the top 100,000 most visited (4,921), followed by CloudFlare (3,655). CloudFlare doesn’t provide web hosting, but is a content delivery network offering speed and security to websites hosted by many of the top hosts, including 1&1. (1&1 also made the list, holding the 15th spot hosting 599 of the top 100,000 websites.)

Rounding out the top three with 2,687 websites was French web hosting provider OVH, followed by SoftLayer and GoDaddy with 2,664 and 2,462 websites, respectively.

In terms of hosting locations, North America hosts nearly 50 percent with 48,944 websites, followed by Europe with 29,964 websites.

The US was by far the most popular hosting country location with 45,818 of the top websites, followed by Germany with 7,479 and China with 5,435.

Dallas was the top city for hosting, with 3,760 of the top 100,000 websites, followed by New York with 3,137 and Ashburn with 2,987. Neither of these stats are particular surprising as Dallas, New York and Ashburn have a high concentration of data centers. is not the first company to analyze the most popular hosting locations and companies based on data from Alexa.

Last year, Pingdom took Alexa’s top one million websites and looked at their IP to understand where they are hosted. According to this report, Houston was the most popular hosting city, and The US, Germany, China and the UK hosted the most websites in terms of countries.


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  1. I am very very grateful to you for this information, i needed it badly for my university presentation. Thanks A lot!

  2. Alexa is owned by Amazon, so perhaps there is some selectivity bias in the top 100,000? That being said, I'm surprised Google and Rackspace ranked so low.