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AWS Continues Bid for Cloud Dominance with Management Portal for VMware vCenter

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Amazon AWS announced on Friday a new management portal for VMware. The tool allows administrators to import VMs into AWS and perform basic management tasks from VMware vCenter.

CTO Chris Wolf at VMware had several points regarding the strategic value of what AWS is offering with the new management portal. Among the most interesting points is that existing software licenses can’t be used and customers would have to redevelop existing APIs and operational software to work with the new system.

At the least, Amazon’s new offering may convince some users to experiment with AWS portal as a complement to VMware services which still brings them more revenue and the possibility that customers would switch in the future as they become more comfortable.

Amazon has 83 percent of the cloud market share and yet continues to offer new services and initiatives such as analytics, virtual desktop,cloud price reductions, foreign data centers and possible acceptance of bitcoin. The recently released Gartner Magic Quadrant for public IaaS showed that Amazon is way ahead of Google, IBM, VMware and Microsoft.

AWS is attempting to make it easy for users familiar with VMware products to become more comfortable with the Amazon platform.

“If you are already using VMware vCenter to manage your virtualized environment, you will be comfortable in this new environment right away, even if you are new to AWS, starting with the integrated sign-on process, which is integrated with your existing Active Directory,” Jeff Barr said in an AWS blog post.

The service includes single sign-on support, integrated role-based access controls, and template definition. The portal also includes support for VM import and export. According to Amazon, “For customers looking to migrate VMs from VMware to AWS, this provides AWS’s simplest and most user-friendly option for migrating your VMs.”

“For experienced VMware administrators, AWS Management Portal for vCenter provides a familiar look-and-feel that will make it easy to start using AWS,” AWS said. “For enterprises with existing VMware-based environments, the portal makes it easy to begin moving computing resources to the cloud, while continuing to leverage existing tools and training materials while beginning their transition.”

AWS says IT managers can exercise control over hybrid IT environments in a single UI. It made a similar play for more business around this time last year by launching AWS Management Pack for System Center, targeting IT managers running the Microsoft stack in AWS’s data centers.

“I believe that IT managers will find this blend of centralized control and cloud power to be a potent mix. vCenter Administrators can exercise full control over hybrid IT environments (both on-premises and EC2 instances) using a single UI. They have full control over cloud-based resources, and can dole out permissions to users on a per-environment basis, all coupled with single sign-on to existing Active Directory environments,” Barr said.

AWS management Portal for vCenter is available at no additional charge to AWS customers.

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