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Australian Hosting Provider Anchor Launches Managed Services Built on AWS

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Australian ecommerce hosting provider Anchor launched on Tuesday a new range of managed services built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Anchor’s new management tier, DevOps Automation, allows operations and software teams to work together and customers to outsource DevOps management of their AWS infrastructure to Anchor.

According to the Sydney-based company, its customers can benefit from improved website performance, scalability and efficiency as they automate development and deployment workflows.

“A lot of hosting providers try to shoehorn traditional hosting models onto the cloud, only extracting some of the benefits of one while retaining many of the limitations of the other,” Anchor CEO Bart Thomas said. “However, cloud technologies, and AWS in particular, provide a huge opportunity for simplifying and automating hosting operations; including code deployment, auto-scaling, environment cloning and more.”

Anchor said that its relationship with AWS is the “next step” in its “transformation”, allowing it to adopt “fresh methodologies and develop new technologies.”

“While we continue to deliver bespoke hosting services to customers in Australia and around the world, we recognize that hosting technology is only ever as powerful as the workflow it enables,” Thomas said.

Last year, Anchor launched a managed cloud service based on OpenStack, designed specifically for the performance needs of high-transactional workloads, typical of CMS and online retail applications like Magento. Its OpenCloud infrastructure is available to existing clients.

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