Australian Government to Create Cloud Services Panel Ahead of Email, DaaS Rollout

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Australia’s CTO and procurement coordinator John Sheridan has revealed that the government is coming closer to deploying cloud email and desktop-as-a-service across government agencies.

According to a ZDnet report, at the CeBIT GovInnovate conference in Canberra on Tuesday, Sheridan said the government will establish a cloud services panel, and is aiming to deliver what is currently known as GovDesk and GovMail in 2015 or 2016.

“What we do is we help agencies by taking from them the common tasks that everybody does and allow them to concentrate instead on the aspects of their work that differentiate themselves from other agencies, because I think that specialisation is where we will start to get real value in the future,” Sheridan said according to the ZDnet report.

“For a very small cost, we can provide agencies with a quick and useful service with which they can get things done.”

According to Australia’s itnews, Deloitte has been commissioned for around $155,000 by the Department of Finance to investigate proposals from industry partners for setting up GovDesk and GovMail.

GovDesk and GovMail are in keeping with the naming of Australia’s Drupal-based GovCMS which went live earlier in November.

Many governments have been attempting to deliver “shared services” between their departments as a means of streamlining their information technology infrastructure, and provide better services.

Canada, a fellow Commonwealth country, has sought to consolidate its more than 100 different government email systems in an effort to save around $100 million to $200 million annually. Canadian service providers, Bell Canada and CGI Information Systems, were awarded the contract in a bidding process that exempted foreign service providers under a “national security exemption”. The Canadian government’s email, system, however, is reportedly six months behind schedule.

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