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AT&T Launches Cloud Storage for Government

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AT&T announced the launch of cloud storage for federal government agencies on Wednesday. The offering is a multi-tenant, community cloud service similar to the company’s commercial cloud storage, but with added security feature suitable for government agencies.

Storage towers for the federal agency solution will be physically separated from other user’s towers in the data center, and storage will be in a separate logical cloud with a separate portal partition, maximizing the separation between government and commercial data.

“This is a dedicated infrastructure for government-only agencies and data. The federal agencies get the advantage of a community infrastructure to drive lower costs,” Chris Smith, vice president of technology for AT&T, told eWEEK. “What’s significant about the AT&T STaaS offering for government is that it does not forgo security on any level—truly a best-of-both-worlds approach.”

Government cloud adoption is continuing to grow, albeit more slowly than some would like, perhaps due to concerns about reliability revealed in a MeriTalk survey last month.  Also in August, Datapipe acquired Layered Tech to expand into the government cloud sector, after Layered Tech launched a PaaS solution for federal government agencies in July.

AT&T will provide all authorized users of the storage service with be assigned RSA hard tokens for two-factor authentication. The service will be offered at a tiered pricing model.

“We are not simply providing a cloud platform in a data center. We are integrating the AT&T network with the cloud platform to deliver the best solution in terms of end-to-end security, performance and reliability,” Smith said. “This is our differentiation relative to the competition.”

Cloud adoption by the federal government could accelerate with the expected hiring of the US’ third ever CTO soon.

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