Atlantic.Net Offers InfiniBand Cloud Hosting Platform with Network Technology Upgrade

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Cloud hosting provider Atlantic.Net has upgraded the network infrastructure surrounding its cloud hosting offering with high-performance InfiniBand technology, according to an announcement issued by the supplier of that networking technology, Mellanox Technologies.

Mellanox says deploying its QDR 40Gbps InfiniBand technology in the network supporting its cloud hosting solution enables Atlantic.Net to deliver a better performing and better optimized platform for cloud-hosted applications, at a lower cost.

InfiniBand networking technology is commonly used in high-performance computing environments, but not frequently seen in standard cloud hosting environments. In recent months, some have identified the network as a performance bottleneck in cloud environments, an issue that has motivated upgrades like the one made this week by Atlantic.Net. Deploying higher-speed and higher-capacity networking technology enables a cloud environment to deliver fully on the performance promise of other performance-oriented technology upgrades, such as solid-state storage technology.

In an interview with the WHIR, Achim Weiss, CEO of recently launched cloud hosting provider ProfitBricks described the company’s use of InfiniBand networking as a key ingredient of what makes ProfitBricks refer to its solution as a “next generation” cloud solution.

Atlantic.Net, Mellanox and ProfitBricks are all members of the recently launched Cloud Advisory Council, which counts the “definition of the next generation of cloud architecture” as part of its mandate. It stands to reason, given the participants, that the group also considers InfiniBand to be an important part of that next-gen cloud architecture.

In the press release announcing the new deployment, Atlantic.Net says the technology speeds up its provisioning for cloud servers, and reduces infrastructure costs.

“Mellanox’s InfiniBand server and storage interconnect solution is a great compliment to our industrial-grade cloud infrastructure to provide the fastest and most robust cloud on the market. Using QDR InfiniBand, we are able to perform server provisioning in just seconds and provide extremely fast disk performance at 40Gbps,” says Adnan Raja, director of business development at Atlantic.Net, quoted in the release. “Mellanox’s InfiniBand has enabled us to dramatically reduce our cloud infrastructure costs and therefore provide better services to our customers. We will continue to enhance our offerings with many new features in development to provide a unique cloud experience that offers speed, reliability and ease of use.”

Talk back: Do you offer a cloud hosting solution to customers? What do you see as being the factors limiting the performance of a cloud platform? Have you considered deploying InfiniBand technology in your cloud environment? Do you think InfiniBand is a component of a “next generation” cloud? Let us know in the comments.

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