Amazon Web Services Offers Private Cloud

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Amazon Web Services ( announced on Wednesday it will offer a private cloud ( designed to create what it calls “a secure and seamless bridge between a company’s existing IT infrastructure and the AWS cloud”.

The announcement comes at a time when many of Amazon’s competitors have launched their own private cloud offerings, including Rackspace and REDPLAID.

A private cloud will let businesses use the Amazon’s hosting service while maintaining the level of security and access that they would have with a public cloud.

Using the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, customers will be able to create a set of resources within the cloud and configure it so that only certain authorized IPs can access the data via a secure VPN connected to the business’ IT infrastructure.

“As more and more enterprises leverage the cloud, they want a simple, seamless way to migrate their large and complex IT infrastructures to AWS, and to use the security and management controls that their IT teams already know,” says Andy Jassy, senior vice president of AWS. “We built Amazon VPC for this purpose – to allow any company to seamlessly connect their existing resources to the AWS cloud as if it were a part of their own data center.”

AWS is also offering Multi-Factor Authentication, providings with enhanced security for accessing a business’ resources.

The feature will assign each customer with a small device containing a rotating code, and when they sign into their account they will be required to enter the six-digit code in addition to their regular log-in details.

The company launched the new services Wednesday on its website and says it will integrate more features into the VPC in the future.

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