Amazon Considers Launching a German Cloud to Meet Customer Demand

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Amazon Web Services could be planning a new cloud region and data center in Germany, according to several reports last week.

Germany is one of the regions in Europe most concerned with data sovereignty, and AWS could address customer concerns with a data center built on their soil, according to GigaOM.

Currently, AWS serves European customers via a data center in Dublin and several cloud nodes.

While it’s certainly possible that Amazon could be successful in serving the German cloud market, it isn’t likely to replace local providers that tout “Made in Germany” hosting services.

“It’s interesting to see the responses to these data soveriengty concerns or issues. We’ve always thought that even on the infrastructure level there won’t be three cloud providers, there will be hundreds or thousands of cloud providers. This market will continue to be very fragmented,” Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels says in an interview at 2014.

“Sure, Amazon could set up a German cloud and convince people that this data stays in Germany,” Steen says. “On the other hand, if the NSA wants to know something from a company that’s listed in the US, and is domiciled in the US, and know something about stuff that is not on US soil, it is very easy.”

Rafael Laguna, CEO of German open source collaboration software provider Open-Xchange tells the WHIR that data location is becoming increasingly important for hosting customers in the country.

“If there is a central server that is being snooped, it’s not good enough for many Germans,” he says.

Recently, Vodafone launched a new Made in Germany cloud and hosting service to target customers in the Frankfurt area.

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