Amazon CloudFront DNS Service Suffers Pre-Thanksgiving Outage

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Amazon’s CloudFront DNS service is back to normal on Friday after an outage earlier this week caused major loading issues for companies using the service to speed up web pages and delivery.

The issue spanned across AWS regions, and apparently lasted for around two hours on Wednesday.

As of Friday morning at 7 am ET, all AWS services seem to operating as expected with green check marks across the board on its status page.

Many noted the terrible timing; the outage happened just before the American Thanksgiving holiday, which is known for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, where shoppers flock to websites in droves. Last year, online spending in the US between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday totaled $16.1 billion.

The most popular websites for Black Friday shopping include,, Best Buy, Target and Apple, according to a report by Statistics Brain.

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