China’s Alibaba Group Division Aliyun to Offer International Cloud Services in March

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Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba Group announced last week plans to offer international cloud services from its cloud division, Aliyun, starting in March. According to a report by ZDNet, this move will make Aliyun the first Chinese vendor to address the global public cloud market.

So far, the specific locations where Aliyun plans to operate data centers from is unknown, though the company hinted to the US and Southeast Asia as potential markets for expansion, according to a report by ZDNet.

With the international data centers, Aliyun will be able to support Chinese companies global operations, while partnering with local telcos to comply with regional cloud regulations.

Aliyun is the largest cloud computing platform in China, and acquired a Chinese Dropbox-like cloud storage service Kanbox in September.

Since Aliyun is backed by Alibaba Group, and has its roots in China, businesses looking to expand internationally from Asia may be more inclined to procure services from Aliyun than a provider that is based in the US.

Recently, Amazon announced a deal that will enable it to provide cloud services in China starting in early 2014.

Last week, China Unicom launched a cloud computing service called Wo Cloud, based on OpenStack.

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  1. Wish you luck for your new endeavor Alibaba. Aside from online shopping you will provide cloud hosting soon.