Advanced Web will offer dedicated server and colocation services to small and medium-sized business customers from the RagingWire facility

Advanced Web Expands to RagingWire Virginia Data Center

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Web hosting provider Advanced Web announced on Sunday that it has expanded into the RagingWire data center in Loudoun County, Virginia.

According to the press release, Advanced Web will offer dedicated server and colocation services to small and medium-sized business customers from the RagingWire facility.

The RagingWire data center, known as VA1, features 2N+2 redundancy standards, and offers a 100 percent uptime guarantee for critical facility infrastructure like power and cooling. Last year, RagingWire acquired the land to build its facility in Loudoun County. 

The data center is located near a major traffic interconnection point, as Virginia is home to many web hosts and data centers. Recently, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced the launch of MACH37, a cybersecurity startup accelerator to be located at the Center of Innovative Technology.

“We were so impressed with the facility and our network vendor’s performance and stability, that we made the decision to realign our hosting infrastructure and move nearly all our assets to this datacenter, with a long-term commitment,” Brad Caricofe, director of business development for Advanced Web said in a statement. “The connectivity options, redundancy, and pricing, were perfect, and this move represents a substantial upgrade for our clients.”

“The cost for maintaining your systems from this new facility is on par with placement at datacenters that offer far less in the way of redundancy and security. RagingWire is a world-class operation, and their datacenters are a model for the industry,” Caricofe said.

RagingWire launched its wholesale colocation services last year, and received a patent for its phased-build power delivery, which was implemented in its data centers in Sacramento and Loudoun County, VA. The patented technology helps is quickly scale out data center capacities in response to customer demand without interrupting power load or causing customer downtime.

DreamHost also expanded to Virginia through a partnership with RagingWire last year.

In November 2012, the WHIR toured RagingWire’s Sacramento, California, facility, a 500,000 square foot campus known as The Rock. 

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  1. This is certainly an extremely reliable infrastructure that I had not yet had the pleasure to visit before. I guess the web hosting industry is slowly diverging into commodity type and valued added high tech, high barrier of entry types. Wishing them the best success!