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Acronis Buys BackupAgent, Beefing up its Cloud Backup Offerings for Web Hosts

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Data backup solution provider Acronis has bought cloud backup provider BackupAgent, which will add cloud backup expertise to Acronis as well as hundreds of service provider partners and more than 50,000 end users.

Acronis’ acquisition of BackupAgent fits into its cloud strategy which involves enabling managed service providers, hosting companies and telecom operators to deliver complete data protection services to their customers.

Founded in 2005, BackupAgent was on Deloitte’s 2010 list of the fastest growing technology companies. A main feature of BackupAgent is its integration with Parallels Automation, which allows hosting providers using Parallels to quickly deploy BackupAgent’s cloud backup offering to their customers at no initial cost.

The connection between Parallels and Acronis are also very deep, given that Acronis’ founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov also founded Parallels.

Hosting providers can add cloud backup as an additional revenue stream through various Backup-as-a-Service options. With the additional cloud backup capabilities of BackupAgent, Acronis can has a very complete set of cloud backup solutions for customers of different sizes and needs.

Cloud backup is a popular option because avoiding necessity to purchase expensive backup systems and store the data on-site.

Data backup and recovery is among the top three most demanded services according to Parallels SMB Cloud Insights research and data backup was also among the top uses for cloud according to a survey from industry organization Spiceworks.

An IDC study (sponsored by Acronis) reports that 65 percent of small and medium-sized businesses backup their data to a cloud service for remote disaster recovery. Many SMBs, however, choose not to use cloud backup due to security concerns, necessitating more options and greater assurances for customers.

Acronis eventually plans on merging the BackupAgent solution with Acronis AnyData Engine technology, to add new data protection technologies to BackupAgent. This includes file-level and full-system backups for desktops and servers, backup of physical and virtual servers, different backup and storage policies, and context-aware backup for business applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and SQL Server.

Customers will also be able to store data backups in different locations such as on-premise, with a service provider, in Acronis’ Cloud, in a public cloud, or a mix of those destinations.

BackupAgent’s founders, Roland Sars and Robbert van Geldrop, said in a statement, “We are excited to join forces with Acronis; this acquisition fits perfectly within our expansion plans…This acquisition will bring only good to our service providers, as they become part of a worldwide ecosystem of thousands of channel partners.”

Acronis isn’t the only service attempting to gain cloud backup momentum through acquisition. Last year, iomart bought cloud backup provider Backup Technology for $37M.

The financial terms of BackupAgent’s acquisition were not revealed.

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