Macquarie Telecom Provides Australian Cloud Hosting for SaaS Marketing Platform Marketo

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Australian hosting and telecommunications company Macquarie Telecom announced last week that it is providing cloud hosting services to marketing software company Marketo.

The partnership supports Marketo’s global expansion strategy, including its investment in Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in San Mateo, Ca., Marketo filed for a $75 million IPO last year. The company has more than 2,000 customers.

According to Macquarie Telecom, Marketo will host its customer engagement platform and Real-time Personalization solution at its Tier 3 flagship data center in Sydney, based on the LAUNCH Enterprise Cloud architecture.

Use of cloud services by Australian consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increased 11 percent in 2013 over 2012, though concerns around security and compliance linger, according to a recent report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

With customers in the highly-regulated finance and government sectors, Marketo believes its partnership with Macquarie will be able to provide the compliance these customers require.

“Our reputation and that of our clients is reliant on a rock-solid guarantee that data will be secure. For an increasing number of clients their governance processes insist that such information is stored on-shore,” Marketo ANZ Managing Director, Aden Forrest, said. “That meant finding a locally based cloud-hosting provider who could offer a certified solution of the highest grade of reliability and security. We know we have found that with Macquarie Telecom.”

“Macquarie Telecom also has a respected presence in the customer-verticals that we’re expanding into. We see this relationship as a two-way street and know that there is immense benefit to both companies in working together,” Forrest said.

Prior to this agreement, Macquarie Telecom was actually a customer of Marketo.

“Our relationship with Marketo started as being one of their customers; it was the insight that we gained from our own user experiences that enabled us to create a unique solution that would be highly compelling to both Marketo and their prospective clients,” James Mystakidis, Macquarie Telecom’s Group Executive, Hosting said. “From day one it was evident that Aden and the team needed a partner who understood their business, and could also give them the high levels of support, flexibility, and control that they need to do support their customers their way. Today, we’re not only their IT partner but we’re helping the company to grow its top-line regionally.”

Also last week, Macquarie Telecom filed a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission against competing telecom Telstra, claiming the telecom has misused its market power in rural and regional Australia, locking “consumers and businesses into sub-standard services and unfairly limited their choice of mobile providers.”

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