5 Facts About Backup on World Backup Day

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Despite the fact that the average internet user has a 33 percent chance of losing data at some point in time, 46 percent still do not perform any type of backup, according to a new report by CloudBerry Lab.

The company, which provides a cross-platform cloud backup and disaster recovery solution, surveyed over 700 internet users to understand their processes around backing up personal and business data.

“In spite of a few bright spots, we have to give enterprises an overall grade of C in the area of backup. In our view, the increasing threat landscape will cause that grade to drop, unless organizations begin reconsidering their strategies,” Alexander Negrash, Director of Marketing at CloudBerry Lab said in a statement.

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Here are five standout stats from the report:

  1. Business data is backed up more often than personal data; 11 percent more business users have automated backup processes compared to personal data users
  2. Security is the biggest concern for both personal and business users; 70 percent and 59 percent, respectively
  3. External drives still more popular than cloud backup; cloud backup is second most popular backup destination for business users (35 percent) and personal users (43 percent)
  4. One out of three users has lost data at least once; 32 percent of business data users and 26 percent of personal data users
  5. Cloud backup use is growing, up 13 percent on average from the survey last year

CloudBerry Lab is offering free CloudBerry Backup licenses for Windows, Linux and MacOS until Apr. 3 in celebration of World Backup Day.

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