Only 3 Percent of Enterprise Websites Fast, Responsive on Mobile Devices: Report

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Only 3 percent of all websites are both fast and responsive to mobile devices, according to a report by Restive LLC. The report also says only 15 percent of all websites are “fully responsive,” meaning they require no redirection for optimal use on a mobile device.

Restive is a responsive web design and web performance optimization technology company, and released a report on the “State of the Mobile Web” on Wednesday. The report examined the Fortune 1000 websites to get a general picture of enterprise websites, and suggests that business sites require improvement to deal with increasingly mobile web use.

“The takeaway from this report is that enterprise websites, and perhaps websites in general, still have a long way to go to attain readiness for a world where the smartphone or tablet is the primary web access device,” Obinwanne Hill, founder and CEO of Restive LLC and author of the report said. “It’s hard to believe that almost 4 years after responsive web design and 10 years after web performance optimization came to prominence, there is still very low adoption of these important techniques.”

Thirty-six percent of websites are designed for use with mobile devices, or responsive, and the majority of those host the mobile site on dedicated sub-folders, sub-domains, or domain names.

Only 6 percent of sites are fast, which is defined in the report as meeting higher website performance optimization standards. The most common performance optimization needs are GZIP compression for 67 percent, and “minification” of HTML, CSS, or Javascript for 83 percent.

The hosting industry and IT sector more broadly has shown it is aware of the importance of mobile devices in some areas. Business apps for mobile devices are driving change in the software companies use, and network security concerns have included mobile devices for long enough that enterprises have formed opinions about the best technologies.

The web design and optimization side seems to be taking longer, and this underserved market may represent a profitable opportunity for hosts and partners.

Moboom hopes so, as it launched a responsive development tool earlier this month.

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