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Hosting and Cloud Providers Talk Service Provider Opportunities at HostingCon Australia

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The WHIR was in Sydney, Australia earlier this week for the 4th annual HostingCon Australia Symposium. Speakers from Digital Pacific, Crucial, Softlayer, Ooki and five other companies gathered for continuing education and discussion regarding the Australian cloud and hosting market.

Conversations and sessions revolved around diversification, managed services, how to best serve the customer and dev ops as a strategy for increasing productivity and products relevant to customers with minimal disruption to the end user. Industry leaders see the changes in business revolving around the way customers use hosting. Rather than using just traditional hosting services, customers are looking for customized solutions that enable them to forget about the technology behind the scenes and focus on growing business.

Although some see the industry being taken over by the major players in the market such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and the like, others see this time as an opportunity. The more services providers can address the needs of the SMB market the more they will see business grow and and continue to prosper. The industry is seeing a lot of changes but it is an opportunity for growth for companies who embrace change and make the effort to guide customers into a new era.

Managed services is an industry buzzword and a way for service providers to generate new business. The ability to guide customers into new products is a great way to increase revenue and increase stickiness. Research by Parallels on SMBs show that businesses prefer to get new cloud services with a trusted advisor.

Service providers that find a way for existing customers to add on new products will find willing participants especially when the added product solves a specific problem. Offerings that allow its customers to focus on what they do best rather than having to deal with technological challenges will likely experience the greatest success in this new model of cloud and hosting.

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