Responding to the Modern Day DDoS Attack


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The sophistication, volume and frequency of DDoS attacks have evolved into major network availability and security threats. In the past, DDoS attacks were simply considered brute-force network attacks. These volumetric attacks continue to exist; however the DDoS threat has become far more sophisticated and difficult to detect and protect against.

The toolkits that attackers are using to create massive IoT botnets or execute low-level targeted application layer DDoS attacks are more accessible than ever before. These attacks are the leading internet-based threats facing companies as well as the internet and hosting providers servicing them. Join this webchat to learn how to better prepare for the impending increase in sophistication and scale of DDoS attacks.

This session covers:
· IoT DDoS botnets – reality or fear mongering?
· Legacy DDoS mitigation techniques – no match for today’s DDoS landscape
· Game changing automated DDoS mitigation technology

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Ashley StephensonAs Chief Executive Officer, Ashley Stephenson leads the company’s global expansion strategy. A seasoned executive with a proven track record in the technology industry, he brings a notable record, having co-founded or led several technology companies as Chairman or CEO. An IT industry executive and Internet technology entrepreneur, Stephenson has operating experience in the United States, Europe and Asia. As CEO he drives Corero’s global strategy, focusing on the company’s growth by capitalizing on its market leading and unique First Line of Defense® product offerings and strong blue-chip customer base.

Previously, Stephenson was CEO of Reva Systems, acquired by ODIN, and Xedia Corporation, acquired by Lucent. He was awarded “CEO of the Year” by the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council for his work at Xedia Corp.

In recent years he has spent the majority of his time providing strategic advisory services on the evolution of the global IT market.