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About Dan Silber

Dan Silber has over 6 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the web hosting industry having worked for a Top 50 world-wide web hosting company. He now works for Northcutt as the lead on Inbound Marketing Strategy with a special focus helping web hosting companies succeed in driving revenue online with his many years of organic SEO and Conversion Optimization experience.

What Web Hosts Should Be Doing in 2014 – Marketing Edition

Marketing is always evolving and changing. What works today may not work tomorrow and as new software, apps, and social media brands emerge and die out it’s always important to make sure you keep up and not fall behind. Today I’m not going to look back on the year in 2013, but I’m going to look forward to 2014 and where you should focus your marketing efforts. Read More

Setting Up A Successful Affiliate Program

Setting up an Affiliate Program for your web hosting company is a great way to jumpstart sales and expose your brand to a new set of visitors you normally wouldn’t have access to. I usually like to advise taking a two-pronged approach to ensure a successful Affiliate Program initiative for… Read More

Super Charge Your Trial Program

May 16, 2013 — So many companies turn to the risk free trial offer to allow consumers to try before they buy. However, many companies are not taking full advantage of these programs and are missing out on serious revenue. Read More