The New WYSIWYG Editor Shootout

Which program will best suit your needs? In this shootout, we evaluate the heavy-hitters: Dreamweaver, FrontPage, AdobernGoLive, HoTMetaL Pro, etc. The shocker is that some of them may actually make life easier rather than more annoying. Read More

Banner Ads Luring Shoppers

Often maligned and usually ignored, banner ads are doing a better job at bringing Web shoppers to the store than those pricey television ads or radio spots, according to Andersen Consulting. But is the creative that’s being used missing the mark? Read More

Initial Flash: The First Steps

Macromedia’s Flash is the most popular animation format after animated GIFs, yet it’s much more than simply animation. This new tutorial series will help you learn how to develop complete multimedia presentations that are extremely bandwidth-efficient. Read More

What Is Interactive Scripting?

What is interactive scripting and what does it have to do with Java? Michael answers this question, as he presents Skij, an interactive scripting language for the Java environment. Read More