The Unexpected Thank You

Bob Leduc has written a great article about holding onto your customers’ attention. Like most other great tips, this one’s easy to implement and will impact your bottom line directly. Read More

How to Dynamically Change Connections

Each DTS package contains a collection of Connections, which contains Connection objects. Different connection objects use different Providers and have different ConnectionProperties. Find out how to dynamically change the connection properties here. Read More

Optimizing ADO Calls Using the Set Statement

This article demonstrates how to increase the efficiency of your ADO Recordset calls by using both ordinal references to Recordset elements and the Set statement to assign a particular Recordset column to a variable! Read More

Managing Connection Strings with Data Link Files

Instead of embedding connection strings in the application source code, you can store them in separate files called Microsoft Data Link files. The connections properties can be conveniently set and edited using the Data Link Properties dialog. Read More

Creating Animations with Corel Xara

What sets Xara 2 apart from other animation applications is Xara’s full complement of drawing tools and awesome fountain (gradient) transparency capabilities. Here’s how to create an animated banner with a sophisticated fade/wipe. Read More

From VRML to Web 3D

It seems Web 3D plays like a greek tragedy. First Cosmo spins out of orbit, then VRML dies on the vine, and Web 3D grows out the ashes. Or something like that. Read More