Tracking Chess Game Results and Stats

This article discusses current data model and what information needs to be persisted with the database; the Guru responds with a suggested data model, and how this data model can be used to more efficiently track player statistics and game results! Read More

The Big Picture: The Long Good-Bye

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In Praise of Contracts

Without a written contract, you could find yourself deprived of creative ownership, financial compensation, or the ability to pursue new clients. Scott Kramer paints the pros of contracts for Web designers. Read More

Review: Macromedia Fireworks 3

The latest update has some powerful new features including a History palette and support for Photoshop plugins. The optimization tools are even easier to use and more effective, plus you can now export code directly into Dreamweaver. Read More

Creating One-time Pop-up Windows

We explain how to use client-side cookies to create content that is only displayed once to your users. This is the same technique we use to automatically display the pop-up survey. Read More

Dealing With Nulls Can Be a Pain!

They don’t behave like normal empty strings, and they don’t respond to the Len() function. Check out this new How To article to learn how to deal with them! Code example included. Read More