SQL Administration over the Web

Ramesh Balaji covers the DMO concept from the perspective of SQL 6.5. SQL-DMO, which is a framework for building applications to manage and administer SQL Server, with a reduced client-side foot print. Read More

"Plug-n-Play" Code for Alternating Table Row Styles

How many hours have you spent writing code that will allow displaying your HTML tables with alternating row colors? What about different borders, CSS styles, etc? I wanted to write a routine that would allow me to “plug-n-play” with any ADO recordset. Read More

ASP for Java applet server communications

Java applets can add to the functionality and utility of your website. Michael Thornton shows how using ASP for Java applet server communications can avoid the problems traditional associated with Java server applications. Read More

JavaScript Tutorials & Articles

Interested in learning JavaScript for either client-side form validation? Unfortunately, JavaScript is the only client-side scripting language supported by both Netscape and Internet Explorer. Therefore, when using client-side scripting code, knowing Java Read More

Intrusion Detection, Take Two

Our second look at intrusion-detection systems shows that a combination of network-based and host-based technologies is a promising strategy. But is it ready to safeguard your network? Read More