DHTML Analogue Clock

Dynamic Expressions in IE5 are a powerful way to manipulate the style properties of any element on your web-page. In this article, learn how to apply Dynamic Expressions to create an analogue clock. Read More

GJ: A Generic Java

Generic Java (GJ) adds generic types to the Java language. GJ is compatible with Java, the Java Virtual Machine, and existing libraries. It is also efficient, in that information about generic types is maintained only at compile time, not run time. Read More

Comparing C++ and Java

Bruce Eckel offers a comparison between the C++ and Java programming languages, in this excerpt from his best selling “Thinking in Java” book. Migrating from C++? Learn the differences, to help you master Java faster. Read More

Y2K Problems…and Solutions

While no major problems arose, Web developers have noticed that there have been some Y2K-related problems with certain scripts. This page will point you to articles and resources that will help you recover from more than a Y2K hangover. Read More

Dynamic Scrollers

A new DHTML tutorial, written by Bill Peterson, which shows how to create text scrollers inline instead of in text boxes or in the status bar in version 4+ browsers. Read More

Loading JavaScript Arrays with MySQL Data

Administrating some of the complicated arrays that JavaScript depends on for things like heirarchichal menus and dynamic forms can be a pain in the rear. That’s why were going to turn the task over to PHP and MySQL. Read More