JavaScript Tutorials & Articles

Interested in learning JavaScript for either client-side form validation? Unfortunately, JavaScript is the only client-side scripting language supported by both Netscape and Internet Explorer. Therefore, when using client-side scripting code, knowing Java Read More

Intrusion Detection, Take Two

Our second look at intrusion-detection systems shows that a combination of network-based and host-based technologies is a promising strategy. But is it ready to safeguard your network? Read More

Event Tracking in Data Applications

By tracking events rather than merely updating status codes, your application can hold much more detailed information about the object and its status changes over time. Steven Smith explains. Read More

A Text-Based Search Engine

Have you wanted to allow your users to search through your website, checking for files that contain a particular string? Using the FileSystemObject, you can search through all of the files in a particular directory that contain a particular string. This a Read More

Formatting Database Results

This article, by Josh Hurwitz, describes how to format your database results into an N columned TABLE. By formatting your database results, they will be easier to read and comprehend. Josh steps through the steps needed to transform raw data to a nicely f Read More

Web Building Clients From Hell

Tired of trying to make a dime with your coding skills while dealing with overbearing clients? This insider’s guide will share some tips on working with the dreaded client from hell. Read More

Linked databases in SQL Server 7

Linked databases, in SQL Server 7 provides ‘Linked Databases’ functionality that allows you to access to multiple data sources, be they on the same computer or distributed between others, and access these sources with a single query or stored procedure. Read More

Creating a Shopping Cart ASP Component

Shopping carts have been around for ages, and remain one of the most widely used but least standardized aspects of Net technology. Here Shelly builds a persistent shopping cart with a VB component that actually follows the customer. Read More