Browser Compatibility Issues

It is relatively simple to accommodate browsers differences with a little know how – Sreevidya Sambasivan discusses HTML, Client-side Scripting and Server-Side Scripting Compatibility issues and work-arounds. Read More

Writing for the Web

It’s very easy to forget that it’s not the layout, the graphics, or fancy rollovers that keep people interested in your site – it’s the content! Matt presents 10 simple guidelines that will greatly increase the readability and stickiness of your content. Read More

Death of a DTD

With the proposed XML Schema standard be the death of the DTD? What’s the difference between internal and external DTDs? Michael Floyd has the report. Read More

The Need for Speed

Everybody seems to want everything lickety split. Al Williams shows you how to optimize Java to deliver fast results. Read More

Oracle 8i and JDeveloper Suite

Managing a database is a big job, but you can make it easier with integrated environments such as Oracle 8i and JDeveloper Suite. Ken North gets you started. Read More

Web Accessibility with HTML 4.0

Designers who want to make their sites both universally accessible and beautiful face some tough challenges. Molly E. Holzschlag directs you around some common pitfalls. Read More

Fugitive From Justice

Web sites galore are operating in violation of copyright. What makes Lincoln D. Stein and so many other Webmasters fugitives from justice? Unauthorized GIFs. Read More