Enhancing Performance in ASP – Part I

In this first of a two article series, Wayne Plourde presents some performance test results to help developers decide if a particular practice is not only worthwhile for future projects, but whether they should consider updating older projects as well. Read More

Product Review: Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000

Skeptics will say that you don’t get something for nothing, but most internet site creators figure it never hurts to try. Evrsoft’s 1st Page 2000 (version 2.0) provides many features that even the high-priced editors do not offer, and it has one major adv Read More

Cracking the HTML Persistence Barrier

Two Completely New Methods. A JAVA program frees itself from the launching page, persists forever, and breaks into Javascript on every following page. Lane Friesen breathes new life into client-side Java. Read More

Extreme HTML Optimization

Bungee jumping become boring? Sky surfing going stale? Have we got the extreme sport for you – Extreme HTML Optimization (EHO). As yet unrecognized by the International Olympic Committee, EHO is nevertheless the sport of wily Webmasters worldwide. Read More

Reordering Items in an HTML Listbox

Learn how to create a simple cross-browser script to reorder the contents of a listbox and pass the results to a server in a hidden field. Also included is a simple script and explanation on how to process the results on the server using ASP and VBScript. Read More

Accelerate Java on Linux

This paper examines the performance of the Linux kernel when the system is running a Java program using the IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8. Read More

WAP! Content: 1 – Design: 0

You’re sitting at your computer making a webpage. The dimensions of your screen are only 140X150. Any files you use cannot exceed a total of 100k. You are in; A) Content Heaven B) Design Hell. Read More