New Year, New User Interfaces

Start the new year with a new user interface. Al Williams demonstrates some nifty navigation tools that expand when you want to use them and get out of the way when you don’t. Read More

New News Is Good News

What news annoys an oyster? Randal L. Schwartz says it’s old news, and shows you how to arrange for fresh deliveries of nothing but new news. Read More

Top-Ten Database Chores

Are your Web customers demanding database applications, even when they’ve never dealt with databases before? Our guest columnist, Nancy Hickman, provides a list of chores to help you keep things running smoothly. Read More

Managing Data Integrity

While it may be tempting to choose a Linux/UNIX database based on memory, cost, or source-code availability, you also need to consider security and reliability. Brian outlines what you can do yourself to take good care of your data. Read More

Data Mining on the Web

Even if you’re not ready to use it today, you should begin making arrangements to process that mountain of Web-site data you’re already gathering.Dan shows you where to start digging. Read More

10 Predictions for Year 2000

What does the new year hold in store for the Web and Internet? Software updates, BSD, ‘blogs, wireless and international access, politics, and lawsuits all figure in the 2000 picture. Read More

RC4 Encryption Using ASP & VBScript

This article, by Mike Shaffer, demonstrates how an algorithm that implements RC4 encryption using VBScript! The RC4 method is especially interesting, since it requires only a single password to both encrypt and decrypt a given string. Read More