The Guide to CF login systems.

In CF4 you have several ways of login users: using session variables, cookies, authenticating them against a user/password database or against an NT or LDAP directory. Read More

Internet Explorer 5.5 Beta

The latest version of Microsoft’s popular Web browser sports a new Print Preview feature that lets you see how printed Web pages will look before you crank up your printer. Check out this review for details. Read More

Your First Database

OK, here’s the situation: You’re about to go in for that big job interview at WebCorpUSA. And even though you were a Philosophy major …, your resume proudly declares that you know how to create a Web-based database application… Read More

Sharing the Load Across the Web

Clearly, this is still an emerging technology. But if you need to create a highly available Web site out of geographically dispersed sites, this batch of products is worth a look. Read More

Introducing WebDav

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) or simply DAV is arnprotocol (RFC 2518). More specifically, it is a set of extensions to HTTPrn1.1 protocol that will enable people to read and write documents over thernweb. Read More

Server-Side Scripting Shootout

If you’re going to be dealing with Web-based databases, you’re going to need a server-side scripting language. These languages all access databases, juggle information, and create dynamic pages – but which one is the best for you? Read More

Ad Banner Design

Learn how to pack some punch into those little rectangles, attract readers’ eyes, keep file sizes small, and get those crucial clickthroughs. Read More

The New WYSIWYG Editor Shootout

Which program will best suit your needs? In this shootout, we evaluate the heavy-hitters: Dreamweaver, FrontPage, AdobernGoLive, HoTMetaL Pro, etc. The shocker is that some of them may actually make life easier rather than more annoying. Read More