Speed Is The Essence

This article, by Mo Morgan, discusses one of the most important factors to consider when designing a website – download time. Mo, a web design consultant, steps you through what to keep in mind when designing your website! Read More

Instant Guest Book – without a database

Here is a ready to run, one page script which generates a Guest Book. This script is totally stand alone. All you need to do is give it a name, add it to your web site and link to the file. And best of all, there’s no required database! Read More

The ABCs of Promoting Your Web Site

As part of a tutorial on constructing small business Web sites, Charlie explores Web site promotion. Promoting your Web site is absolutely essential, no matter what the purpose of the site is. If you expect anyone to visit, you’ve got to get the word out. Read More

Tip of the Day in ASP

Dave Shultz builds simple tip of the day functionality, which you can import and use on your pages, and shows you how to use and improve it Read More