Generating Random Passwords

This article presents a script that randomly generates a password containing alphabetic characters. This script allows you to choose password lenght, and attempts to generate a random password that is easy to remember phonetically! Read More

Stop Wasting Your Money!

rnrnrn In the early days of the web, advertising meant a banner ad. Webmasters slapped them up on any halfway relevant site they could find and hoped surfers would click. But most of them didn’t… Read More

Using Hidden FRAMES to Hold Data or Maintain State

Hidden frames allow users to maintain almost any kind of data, and maintain state easily and reliably. Mark Burnham’s article uses a shopping cart scenario to show simple ways to read and write data, and call functions from a hidden frame. Read More

The Benefits of Writing What You Know

Every professional has a bag of tools and if you’re fighting the traffic wars on the Net, you need to have your bag ready. One of the tools you should have armed and ready to go is a variety of short articles written by you. Read More

Toying With Domain Names

A judge’s poor decision may allow cybersquatters to steal your domain, even if you clearly have the right to own it. All they need is money. Read More