ASP-Oracle Connectivity Using OO4O

Article shows how to create practical Oracle database connectivity from ASP using Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O). OO40, the Oracle middleware, allows native access to Oracle from client applications using the Microsoft OLE standard. Read More

Debugging the Order Processing Pipeline

Here we’ll take a look at some tools and methods you might use for debugging, analyzing and monitoring the site server pipeline. The troubleshooting tools that we’re going to look at are specific to the Site Server Commerce Pipeline. Read More

RSS and You

RSS is an XML application that describes web sites as channels, which can act as feeds to a user’s site. Chris Nandor explains how to use RSS in Perl and how he uses it to build portals. Read More

Create a Menu-Driven Flash App

This dynamic menu system is great for a variety of uses, including navigation, application interfaces, read-only lists etc. Simply click the menu title, and a selection of options pop up underneath. Read More

Build a Flash Product Catalog

Delve deeper into the world of Load Movie, scroll bars, zoom controls and dynamic text with this free excerpt from Complete assembly instructions and source code included! Read More