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Coming ARM-based Servers Set to Transform Hosting, Cloud Computing

The physical infrastructure behind web applications is about to undergo a major change at the chip-level, although it might not happen overnight. The x86 microprocessor architectures have become a common instruction set platform for many modern systems, often provided by large corporations such as Intel and AMD. The dominance of x86, however, is facing major challenges from ARM, an alternative instruction set architecture that can potentially reduce costs, heat and power use, and be optimized for specific applications. Read More

The Growing Risks of Shadow IT within Organizations

In an organization “there are typically 5-10 times more cloud services being used than are known by IT,” according to Cisco Services senior director Robert Dimicco. These cloud services are brought into organizations without the IT department’s knowledge or approval. Read More

How CDNlion Built its Content Delivery Network

Two years ago, Adam Dunovsky had an idea while working at the National Gallery in Prague. He thought it would be amazing to be able to bring some of the gallery’s paintings – his nation’s national treasures – to the public in a high resolution, online gallery. Read More

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