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EU Parliament Says States Can Repeal Data Retention Legislation


A document leaked by Access on Wednesday evening shows that the European Parliament has decided that EU member states do not have any obligation to retain citizen data. The Parliament made the distinction between Union and State legality regarding the April decision by the EU Court of Justice declaring the… Read More

Top Five Most Shared WHIR Articles on LinkedIn in 2014

The most shared article from the WHIR on LinkedIn for 2014 was our exclusive industry perspectives article written by hosting industry Veteran Derek Vaughan. The article described to providers how Google stated that secure websites (HTTPS) mean a better and more secure Internet overall. The remaining four top articles all… Read More

Beware of the Ripple Effect with Cyber Attacks!

The Ripple Effect of Cyber Attacks

Nowadays, anyone can suffer damage from DDoS attacks, but hosting providers face the most harm. The main reason for this harm is due to the number of customers a provider serves. There’s a “ripple effect.” If one customer of a provider is targeted by an attack, then the risk of… Read More

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