Outages and Downtime

Melbourne IT Recovers from DDoS Attack

Melbourne IT has confirmed that an hour and a half-long service disruption suffered by its customers and its subsidiaries Netregistry and TPP Wholesale on Thursday was the result of a DDoS attack. Read More

5 Facts About Backup on World Backup Day

Despite the fact that the average internet user has a 33 percent chance of losing data at some point in time, 46 percent of internet users still do not perform any type of backup, according to a new report by CloudBerry Lab. Read More

Microsoft Probes Cause of Global Web Outage

The disruption affected user access to a range of the tech giant’s online services for more than 16 hours, in some cases. Also unclear is how or if the outages were related to a simultaneous problem with Azure cloud. Read More

Microsoft Azure Storage Issues Caused by Two Incidents

Microsoft said Thursday morning that it has restored Azure services affected by a storage incident that disrupted services in 26 of the public cloud’s 28 regions, according to its status page. Azure lists two separate incidents on its status history page, the global one beginning at 22:42 UTC on Wednesday… Read More

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