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Amazon Web Services Faces Outage

February 15, 2008 — Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage Friday morning, affecting thousands of websites that rely on its S3 storage and EC2 cloud computing services including Web 2.0 startups like Twitter, AdaptiveBlue, SmugMug and 37Signals. Read More

IBM Powers NFL Media Portal

February 1, 2008 — IBM announced on Wednesday that the National Football League has been working with IBM to develop the NFL Media portal to help media from around the world access news and updates about the organization. Read More

OpSource Supports LitSoft Solution

January 28, 2008 — OpSource announced on Monday that electronic discovery and litigation software provider LitSoft has chosen OpSource On-Demand to deliver LitScope, an electronically stored information review platform. Read More

Storage and Collaboration Service Box.Net

Storage and Collaboration Service Box.NetStoring or sending large files via the Internet and collaborating on projects online are just some of the daily tasks you may encounter while running an online business. And companies like online storage startup ( are part of a crop of new firms that make… Read More

Google, IBM Educate Students

October 10, 2007 — Search engine giant Google and IBM announced on Monday that they have partnered to build large data centers so that students and researchers can get experience working on Internet-scale applications, or cloud computing. Read More

FireEye Sets Anti-Botnet Strategy

October 2, 2007 — As cyber crimes plague the IT industry, malicious threats have evolved from the simpler worms of recent years to the more sophisticated, harder to battle botnets. Read More

3Tera Delivers AppLogic 2.1

September 7, 2007 — Utility computing platform developer 3Tera announced on Friday the commercial availability of AppLogic 2.1 at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco, California. Read More

Thoughts from LT Pact – SaaS and Privacy.

I recently spoke at, and attended, Layered Technologies summit:  LT Pact.  In addition to a number of excellent presentations, and a very involved audience, there was a great deal of on topic discussions at networking events after the main programs.  I got in a pretty neat discussion  about SaaS and… Read More

Verizon Business Acquires Cybertrust

June 20, 2007 — Telecommunications provider Verizon Business announced on Tuesday it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately held provider of IT security services provider Cybertrust. Read More

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