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Data Can Stay in Canada – Even in the Cloud


It’s no secret that Canadian businesses took a close look at their customer data privacy following the Snowden revelations more than a year ago. In fact, a full one third (33 percent) planned to move data outside of the US this year over concerns around the NSA, according to research from Peer 1 Hosting. Read More

Physical Layer Management for Hosting Companies

A single cable disconnection can take part of the hosting network down, and without real-time visibility to the physical layer network, it can take hours to identify and amend the failure. Physical layer management (PLM) systems provide the real-time view of the physical network needed to improve hosting service provider uptime and customer service. Read More

A Big “Prost!” to the OX Summit

Last week the WHIR had the pleasure of attending the Open-Xchange Summit in Munich, Germany, in the days leading up to Oktoberfest. Open-Xchange did an incredible job hosting a very warm and intimate one-day corporate event for partners and service providers from around the world.
Read More