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AWS Price Reductions – Making it Easier for the Channel

One of the biggest complaints I have heard from customers in the last year is Amazon’s price structure for term contracts known as Reserved Instances. For those not familiar with the AWS pricing concept, you can get a discount for one or three-year contracts. In the past, both of these options had upfront payments and that didn’t suit many businesses. Read More

And the Winner Is…


Thanks to everyone that participated in the WHIR reader appreciation giveaway! We’re doing it again this month, just in time to help you pay for your Christmas shopping and contribute to the online holiday shopping economy which is up 8.5% over last year. For the month of November, Billy Bryant… Read More

Consolidation: It’s a Question of Timing

Consolidation is natural, and the subject usually raises its head after I meet someone for the first time. Not only as an ice-breaker, but also as an understated plea for direction and advice. The question could just as well be: ‘how much time do I have left?’ Honestly, I have seen many people in various industries miss the boat and it is not a pretty sight.
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Endurance International Group Acquires Arvixe: A Look at the Numbers

Endurance International Group recently announced three acquisitions including Arvixe, LLC a web hosting company, sort of located in San Louis Obispo, California. I say sort of because according to the owner, Arvand Sabetian, the firm has no offices. Totally decentralized, people work out of boats, motor homes and ashrams. Here are some numbers. Read More